Thursday, June 23, 2011

they come and go

Friends come and go through one's life, but we know its the true ones, or for better words, the real one that stays or atleast make a great impact in our lives.
The ones who stay with us through everything, the ones that go through hell with us and the ones that help keep us together when we feel like breaking down truly deserve the title.
but what about those who cause nothing but drama, do nothing but hurt others and treat them no more then bugs at their feet. Is there a title for those?
Maybe not a true friend, maybe someone who has yet to realize that someone is trying to help them or maybe, just an enemy in disguise.
we make enemies as fast as we make friends but its our choice or rather, their choice on what title they choose.
but most see the help that someone like that needs and they are willing to go through so much just try and open their eyes.
Sometimes, all it takes is a simple threat of leaving and they tend to snap out of that mind set that they are the greater being. I've personally done it more then once to keep someone in check, to make them realize, if they don't value friends they will "Forever be alone" -ha, made a joke there.
anyways, I do not have the heart to abandon people over the way they are, unlike most, I can see goodness past the bad exterior and want nothing more then to bring it out, to help them become a better person and to value the people more.
they just have to learn by others and by themselves that living a lone is never fun nor is it pleasant

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