Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friendship death

First year
was the meeting
It was out of the blue
you had no intention of getting close
but like a moth to a light, you were drawn in
he showed you he understood you more then anyone
and promised to always be there
days gone by and you realized, you were in love
you became closer and helped him through many things
soon enough, you guys turned into lovers

Second year
you and him been through so much already
though hes broken your heart countless times
you stay by him, forgiving him for the mistakes hes made
holidays come and go and you spend it with him
you only wished you guys could be more
you watch as he goes through lovers
and you could only wish to be his again
to hear his voice, telling you the lies you so easily believe
but so easily those lies became harmful
and without really realizing it, you began hating your life
because of him, you wanted nothing more then to die
but no matter how hard you tried and attempted, he was there to stop you and save you

Third year
another year gone by and so happily, you guys were together again
your friends hated it but it didn't matter
he was yours and you were his
you spent many months together and once more
you were on cloud nine
you swore nothing could split you apart this time
but so easily it was proven wrong
he once more hurt you and you called it quits
decided, he wasn't going to be missed
you remain close friends
both searching for what is called "Love"

Fourth year is coming around
and it seems you are growing apart
Slowly you wonder if its finally ending
The trust you guys built through the years slowly disappears
as he seems to pull away
you could feel the loneliness seeping in
with tears in your eyes, you realize
it could possibly be the death of your friendship

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