Thursday, June 9, 2011

Define it

What is a friend?
Let alone, what is the meaning of a real one?
People come and go, but few honestly stay around to get close to you. to fully understand one's mind, feelings, view's and things of that sort. While others just simply walk out like they had no real impact in your life. Life itself is hard enough, living alone makes it unbearable because we, as humans need interaction with others. We cannot simply live under a rock and let the world pass us by. Though we try, it cannot happen.
I've had my fair share of friends coming and going. Never sure whether they want to stick around me to fully understand me or simply judge me like so many and leave with some form of scar.
I can say death has taken lives of many that became close to me, betrayal has wrapped itself around few others and also love have kept many apart of my hectic life
So how do you define a friend?
Everyone definition is different but so many can easily say the same thing.
A friend is someone you can go to with tears in your eyes and know they will honestly go after whoever hurt you. Someone who will lend a shoulder when you need one, an ear when no other person will listen and a healing light that will remind you , through the darkness they are still guiding you.
Friends aren't here to judge you like everyone else in society but honestly accept you for who you are and appreciate how you are.
If they are your real friends, they would help you through everything and honestly accept your form of help.
I'm the kind of friend that will honestly accept the way someone is, whether its good or bad. I'm the kind of person that would look past the bad to get to the good and help the person eyes open.
I do not easily give up on people when so many have given up on me. I know the feeling of being abandoned by others and I know the feeling of being completely alone because it seemed like no one understood me but that didn't stop me from finding the ones I call my friend now. Take the time to honestly search for someone.
Someone who you can have a good converstation with. Whether its about the good things in life or bad.
Somone who wants nothing more then to make you happy and see that through all the bad things you been through, and through all the people whose hurt you there is still good people.
Let them show you that its never a good thing to keep the people who hurt you.

So, what does friendship mean to you?
Someone you cherish with all your being, or someone you take advantage of?

 Someone once told me "Who do I have to pizza hut?" 
As a way to cheer me up and show me that she''ll always be there for me <3
She pretty much defines what a real friend is

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